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A funny thing happened on the way to the landfill

    As you know, we recently deconstructed several structures for clients and delivered a tremendous amount, (thousands of pounds) of wood to the shredder. I decided to write more about what happens to the wood after it is left in the pile at the landfill. Everyone looks at the mountains of wood and tree limbs to

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    What Is The Opposite Of Construction?

      Levco is always looking for opportunities to live up to our core values, one of which is sustainability. The word conjures up all sorts of things in my mind. If you are going to build and remodel in a sustainable way, which we do. One must also take into consideration deconstructing in a sustainable way,

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      Garage Be Gone

        Local architects Sherry Mckibben and Doug Cooper knew they wanted to be considerate of the environment when they decided to decommission their 100 year old garage to make way for progress and a new duplex on their north end property. It only took a little internet research for them to land on the Reuse People’s

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        Earth Day 2014 Update

          Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, This is set aside to remember or continue to do something nice for mother earth. Boise, Idaho was still able to muster enough interest for an event that celebrates sustainability in all of its forms called the Idaho Green Fest. The RRP Rule 2014 Back in 2010 the

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          9 Volt Battery Safety Alert

            I saw a heartfelt plea from a gentleman on the internet that had a 9 volt battery cause a serious house fire. Part of his concern is that he felt very responsible because he was ignorant of the danger and asked that I pass this information along. I’m doing my duty to pass on the

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            House #1 The Love Shack

              The name of this home comes from the B52’s song of the same name that was on the radio at just the right time. Flipping is an art form, now that the acquisition is done. Evaluating our current conditions and developing a plan for success was the first order of business.  My vision for this

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              Does Being “Green” Cost More?

                Does green remodeling cost more? It depends upon when you are doing the accounting. If you are counting the upfront cost, then perhaps it does. If you are counting after the X and Y curves cross in a few years then, -no it doesn’t. Trust me, there are seemingly intuitively “Green” seeming things that are

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                What Does R-Value Mean?

                  I have been confused for years about just what the term R-value means. You would think that if you have 16″ of insulation it should correlate to an R-Value. That is all well and good, as long as you are talking about the exact same insulation. What an R-Value is, as it turns out, has

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                  Incorporating Artifacts in Our Work

                    In honor of National Recycling Day 11-15-2012, we got to thinking about how our little remodeling company in Boise is doing our part. This is a unique look at some of what we are up to. Being a remodeler gives me a rare opportunity to do some cool stuff. On a recent project, Levco was

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                    Epa Erosion Control Responsible Person

                      Why of course I am the responsible person, I am responsible for everything. whether it goes right or wrong, my name is on the bottom line. Turns out it also is the term given to the licensed person who is “responsible” for keeping sediment from entering our street drains and ultimately our waterways. The class

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